3. Past, present and future of JACE

Administrative Milestone of CE

1987  “Clinical Engineers Law” was promulgated by MHLW ( Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

1990  Professional organization JACET was founded ( Japan Association of Clinical Engineering Technologists )

2002  JACET was certified by MHLW as a public utilities corporation

2008  “JACET Academy” and “JACET Seminar Center” were founded

2010  20th Anniversary of “ JACET ” CE’s business expansion Additional service fee for CE

Situation of CE in Japan

No. of Licensed CE : 27,699 as of March 2010  1,555 were newly licensed in March 2010

Actually working CE : approximately 18,000

Member of JACET : approximately 10,900 as of May 2010

CE at Work

CE  at  Work

Current situation of CE (in 2007~2010)

Some examples are as follows:
  1. Revision of Medical Law was enforced in April 2007, and staffing of a person in charge of medical equipment management became mandatory for the safety purpose.
  2. MHLW issued a notification in December 2007 urging positive utilization of CE.
  3. A law enforced in April 2008 restricts the attendance of medical equipment manufacturer representatives to clinical site, and original role of CE is highly recognized again.
  4. Public remuneration for one of CE’s jobs became payable in April 2008.
Additional Medical Service Fee under Health Insurance

☆ Medical equipment safety management fee
☆ Dialysate quality control fee
☆ Respiratory Care Team fee

Above fees will be paid when CEs are acutually involved in providing the services on site

Future of CE in Japan
  • Continuous efforts towards safe operation of LSS
  • Legal enhancement of CE’s duties
  • Authoritative specialists to LSS at medical institutions
  • Improvement & Expand of Education system & Certification system
  • Improvement & Expand of“JACET Academy” & “JACET Seminar center”
  • JACET work together with academic societies of their fields to make recommendation and develop next generation medical equipment